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Who ever said you had to have your wedding a certain way or place?  Think outside the norm and have your dream wedding reception they way you want and where you want.  Sioux Falls DJ and Design company, Energy Event Group helped design these wedding receptions from the beginning to execution.  The wedding celebration below with all the beautiful amber lighting, candles, elegant chair covers and more, this bride wanted to have her wedding in her hometown of Vermillion, South Dakota.  She needed a space big enough to fit her wedding reception.  None of the local wedding reception venues would hold her dream vision.  Next best thing.  Let’s have it in the High School gym.  Yes, this is in a gym with a huge tent.  The couple and all their guests loved it!

Sioux Falls DJs | Energy Event Group | Up Lighting | Tent Wedding

The wedding celebration below is my wedding celebration and takes a more modern approach and cocktail style.  The venue choice was the Hilton Garden Inn South in Sioux Falls, South Dakota.  No matter the space, you can dream and do anything you want.  The theme was Vegas inspired white party.  My wife and I were married in the city of Las Vegas and we wanted to bring that vibe back to the Midwest with us.  There was a lot busyness going around the room so we decided to drape it all and have a fresh blank canvas around the room which added a modern and elegant feel to the space.  Next we added the lighting, white furniture and dance floor with a combination from Ideal Wedding and Events and Envision Wedding Studio.  The centerpieces were from the Flower Mill and we just gave Stacy our vision and we trusted her and she ran with it and executed if perfectly!  We also didn’t want your traditional photo booth box so we hired Linus Blu from Studio Blu Photography and that was a big hit!  We loved designing and enjoyed the celebration just as much as our guests.

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Contact Energy Event Group to find out what they can do for your dream wedding celebration!

Jason Yoshino | 605-376-5170

Wedding Cakes | Sioux Falls Convention Center

Are you in the midst of planning your wedding reception and want to create a unique, show stopping, over the top event?  Why not take your wedding reception to new limits with the Sioux Falls Convention Center. At our facility, we have 25 foot ceilings. With ceilings this grand it really opens up to doing those creative and memorable decorating options that are not available at all venues in the Sioux Empire. One that we are particularly excited about is the “floating” or hanging cake that we displayed at the most recent Sioux Empire Wedding Network Bridal Showcase. If you pay attention to Reality TV or Celebrity Weddings like I do, you will have seen these cakes featured in weddings for Tamra Barney with Real Housewives of Orange County and Kaley Cuoco from Big Bang Theory. The Sioux Falls Convention Center partnered with Angie Ford of Taylor’d Cakes and Event Energy Group to bring this new trend to the Sioux Empire for the first time. Taylor’d Cakes Wedding Cake was a Show Stopper, floating over the dance floor in front of the head table. Additionally, the Sioux Falls Convention Center showcased a few of our new chandelier options available to rent. These chandeliers look fantastic hanging directly over your table, almost replacing a centerpiece. We used a simple cylinder centerpiece that we have available to rent to not take away from these beauties. And you cannot forget our ceiling draping and 6 foot spiral chandeliers.

Wedding Chandeliers | Sioux Falls Convention Center

The ceiling draping is a beautiful way create an appearance of a dropped ceiling and softens the look of the room. Our 6 foot spiral chandeliers have been a popular rental for our wedding receptions. They make a glitzy statement to any wedding reception. All of these options are available in any of our four wedding reception spaces. So if you are looking for something unique and that hasn’t been done before, make sure to choose the Sioux Falls Convention Center as your wedding reception venue.

Sarah Maag | Sales Manager | 605-367-4154 | Sioux Falls Convention Center

Come Visit the Sioux Falls Convention Center Team at the upcoming Sioux Empire Wedding Showcase  on November 9th, 2014 from Noon to 3pm.  Pre-register by visiting here.

Wedding Dress | The Photography Shoppe 1

We just LOVE sharing Real Weddings from Sioux Falls Wedding Photographer, Anne Mantz from the The Photography Shoppe!  Beautiful downtown Sioux Falls wedding day with Brittany and Jared.  The details, dress, bouquets, fun moments… you just have to see for yourself!

Wedding Planning | The Photography Shoppe 2

The first look is always one of the most amazing precious moments of the day.
First Look | The Photography Shoppe 3 Wedding Photographers | The Photography Shoppe 4 Sioux Falls Weddings | The Photography Shoppe 5 South Dakota Wedding | The Photography Shoppe 9 A dad walking his little girl down the aisle.  Father and Daughter Wedding | The Photography Shoppe 7 South Dakota Wedding | The Photography Shoppe 8 Wedding Party | The Photography Shoppe 10

Then there are the moments of the unforgettable romance memories. Bride and Groom | The Photography Shoppe 11 Now, it’s time for the wedding reception. American Wedding | The Photography Shoppe 6 Some of the wedding details. Wedding Reception | The Photography Shoppe 12 Wedding Reception | The Photography Shoppe | Icon Events Halls | Sioux Empire Wedding Network. Little mini wedding desserts. Wedding Cake | The Photography Shoppe 13 Wedding Dance Celebration | The Photography Shoppe 15

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❤ Photographer – The Photography Shoppe, Hair – Black & Blow On The Go, Flowers – Young & Richards, Wedding Cheesecake Desserts – Groom’s Mom, Wedding Dress - Bridal Gallery, DJ – DJ Kor, Reception Venue – Icon Events Hall and Wedding Details and Planning – Envision Wedding Studio ❤

Wedding Introductions | Sioux Falls Convention Center

One of the biggest parts of a wedding day is the reception, so when you’re choosing a facility to host this part of your day, keep in mind that you’ll want options. You won’t want to be restricted to only one setup, only one color of table linens or only one type of decoration. At the Sioux Falls Convention Center, you will get to customize your space so you can transform it into everything you’ve always dreamed of! With the high ceilings, we can rent you draping to cascade throughout the room, and we even have chandeliers to add that elegant sparkling glow. The best way to transform the look of your reception is by adding up lighting. We can order in any color to fit your color scheme or to create a specific feel for you. We will also customize the layout to specifically meet your creative design needs! If you don’t want all of the same standard tables for your guests, we can give you the option of rounds, squares or rectangles for a nice mixed look. You can also choose from various colors of table linens and napkins so everything in the room will tie together with your theme. If you are one who just cannot decide which route you’d like to take, the Sioux Falls Convention Center has all the means to transform your big day into any look you decide to go with. What you don’t want to do is get stuck picking a place that only has the ability to look one way. With so many different ideas and themes to choose from, you never know what might grab your attention and ultimately make you choose your theme. So, whether you’re thinking modern, elegant or vintage, we can create any atmosphere for you!

Jessica Flanigan-Adamski | Events Manager | 605-367-4164 | Sioux Falls Convention Center

Come Visit the Sioux Falls Convention Center Team at the Sioux Empire Wedding Showcase  on November 9th, 2014 from 12 to 3PM.  Pre-register by visiting here.

Sioux Falls Bridal Show | Sioux Empire Wedding Showcase | Convention Center | Floating Cake

If your looking for a non-traditional cake and want to add the WOW factor to your wedding reception, then the hanging upside down wedding cake is sure to turn some heads.  These cakes can be made in most decorating designs, but over the top and bling seem to fit it best.  The cake itself can be all fake tiers, all real cake or any combination of both.  Angie from Taylor’d Cakes would suggest doing at least 1 real tier, for some unforgettable wedding pictures and also to keep for your anniversary.

Cutting the cake may take an additional hand or two, so the cake doesn’t swing away.  Keep in mind your venue will need a strong beam to hang the cake from, even if the entire cake is fake.

For more information, visit today!

Bridesmaid Wedding Dress | Chelsea's Boutique

Brides… Chelsea’s Boutique in Downtown Sioux Falls has an amazing bridesmaids dress for your bridal party! Your bridesmaids can wear them the best way that fits them, and actually wear them again after the wedding day. Chelsea’s Boutique can order them in for you for only $49.95. They come in many different colors.  They also do come in short and can be tailored to fit very easily.  Visit their website to contact the store directly at


Wedding Chocolate Pretzels | Sioux Falls Convention Center

At most wedding reception venues, you might get served a chicken entree or get to go through a buffet with one or two meat options. The latest trend making its way through the Sioux Falls Convention Center is food stations! Why not be a little different and give your guests a fun variety of different foods? You can start your cocktail hour with a drink station of your choice—and even have that drink flow through your ice sculpture! You could create a few signature cocktails that tie in with your wedding colors and the guests could choose which one they want the bartender to pour through the ice luge for them. Along with that, you can have an appetizer station with a variety of sizzling or chilled items displayed for everyone to choose. Next up would be dinner: enhance your stations by making them chef attended action stations! Want to see a classic chicken Caesar salad hand tossed to perfection? How about a mashed potato martini bar? Next up would be a create-your-own pasta station with multiple types of pastas, meats and vegetables. Then top the meal off with a hand carved piece of prime rib! After all that food, you’ll probably want to give everyone a break while they watch your slideshow and listen to toasts, but soon enough they’ll all be itching for something sweet! We can have a customized cheesecake station or a variety of desserts displayed. Too boring for you? How about a never ending cascade of flowing delicious chocolate with your very own chocolate fondue! Or make it a late night snack and let your guests enjoy a Smore’s bar during the dance. You could also go the more “munchies” route and do a gourmet popcorn bar or try our new Fry Frenzy, Gourmet Pretzel or Quattro Quesadillas stations. Want to customize stations to fit a certain theme or season? We can do a caramel apple station for a fall wedding or a gourmet coffee and hot chocolate bar in the winter months!

Wedding Hot Chocolate Bar | Sioux Falls Convention Center Wedding Hot Chocolate Bar | Sioux Falls Convention Center

Having your guests flow through each station gets them mingling and socializing much more than they’d be able to when they are restricted to their seats during a served meal. If you have something you love, we can get creative and create your very own station that is customized just for you. Give us a call today to book your wedding reception at the Sioux Falls Convention Center, and we’ll help make your food and night a memorable one for all of your guests!

Jessica Flanigan-Adamski | Events Manager | 605-367-4164 | Sioux Falls Convention Center

Come Visit the Sioux Falls Convention Center Team at the Sioux Empire Wedding Showcase  on November 9th, 2014 from 12 to 3PM.  Pre-register by visiting here.