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Just in case you missed some of the fun at the Sioux Empire Wedding Network Showcase on November 13th at Sioux Falls Convention Center… Here’s a little recap from Energy Event Group team! We would like to thank all the brides and everyone that attended with them and also to all the amazing wedding vendors for sharing this day with the them! Mark your calendars! Our next BIG Winter Wedding Showcase is February 19th at the Sioux Falls Convention Center! This is an exclusive boutique styled wedding showcase and will feature some of the BEST wedding professionals in the Sioux Empire!!

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There will live hair and makeup demos by Platinum Imagination Hair and Makeup! We will provide delicious breakfast muffins from Taylor’d Cakeswhile you are inspired!

Sponsored by The Flower Mill – Sioux Falls, Bridal Gallery Sioux Falls, Celebrity China, Halberstadt’s Men’s Clothiers, Simply Devine Weddings and Events, Taylor’d Cakes, Platinum Imagination Hair and Makeup, Sioux Falls Convention Center and Energy Event Group.

3 Cord Weddings

Sioux Empire Wedding Network would like to welcome our newest wedding professional, Sioux Falls wedding DJ and Photography company, 3 Cord Weddings!

They’re not just as a DJ and Photographer, but as husband and wife team! They specialize in weddings, and with their unique understanding of wedding reception and wedding photography, they know how to work together to make your wedding come together perfectly.

Contact 3 Cord Weddings today for more information by Visiting Here!

3 Cord Weddings

Sioux Falls Bridal Show | Convention Center

Sioux Falls and Surrounding area Brides to be!  Sunday, November 13th, 2016 is the LAST Big Bridal Show of until the NEXT YEAR!  The Sioux Empire Wedding Showcase from noon to 3pm at the Sioux Falls Convention Center.  We would LOVE to have you! Reserve what wedding professional YOU want for YOUR wedding day before thousands of other couples say ‘YES’ over the holiday season and start their wedding planning and your wedding pro is booked!

The Sioux Empire Wedding Showcase is a South Dakota Premier one of a kind bridal event that provides a unique opportunity for brides and grooms to meet some of the premier Wedding Professionals in the Sioux Empire for your wedding day!  

There will also be over $1,000’s in gift certificates and prizes given throughout the showcase door prize drawings!

There will live hair and makeup demos by Angelique from Platinum Imagination Hair and Makeup! We will provide delicious breakfast muffins from Taylor’d Cakes while you are inspired!


Sioux Falls Bridal Show | Convention Center

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Pre-register early! Enjoy the video that Jason R Jonas Cinematography put together from our last showcase!

Wedding Reception Venue | Hilton Garden Inn Downtown Sioux Falls

Ideally centered in Downtown Sioux Falls, the Hilton Garden Inn is the perfect wedding venue. Their boutique-styled guestrooms and suites provide the elegant atmosphere, comfort and warm Hilton hospitality you want for your out-of-town guests and wedding party. Their hotel’s wedding and event catering provided by CRAVE American Kitchen and Sushi ensures inspired cuisine and a presentation to make your wedding reception truly exceptional. The Hilton’s facility is designed to meet a wide variety of clientele needs with event space providing an exquisite setting ranging from the most private gathering to a celebration on a grand scale. They have a reputation for effortlessly elegant and timeless events. Every detail of each wedding reception is uniquely the couples.

Their hotel has the most beautiful view of all the reception venue options in Sioux Falls. The ONLY reception venue in Sioux Falls to offer a patio overlooking beautiful Downtown Sioux Falls and the Big Sioux River!

Wedding Reception Venue | Hilton Garden Inn Downtown Sioux Falls

Contact the Sarah Maag or Allison Parsons to schedule an appointment for a tour today by Clicking Here!

Wedding Reception Venue | Hilton Garden Inn Downtown Sioux Falls

Riverdale Travel | Kristina Wolfe

Grab your Riverdale Travel documents that have been carefully prepared for you, passports, luggage and GO!

Flights to Paradise   – done!

Arriving into your tropical island destination – of course, you are already know what to expect at arrival because of your travel specialist and you got this!

Your private driver is waiting for you love birds and takes you to your luxury SUV or Limo for transfer to your resort, all arranged in advance by your amazing travel specialist at Riverdale Travel.

While you enjoy exclusive benefits on your transfer and the scenery of your beautiful exotic island destination, you arrive in style at your amazing beachfront resort.

Private check-in with your very own butler, chilled towels, champagne or beverage of your choice and more await you at arrival.

Resort tour as you are taken to your fabulous oceanfront villa on the beach.  As you walk in your suite, you see it has an outside shower and plunge pool!

The week has started and you enjoy amazing honeymoon amenities, pampering service, even a cell phone for your butler!

And your Butler – all I can say is what until you see what he can do!  Beach chairs set up daily with ice and beverages for your days on the beach.  Picnic lunch with champagne? Done!

Flower petals in your suite at night with a drawn Jacuzzi bubble bath and candles?  Done!  Special surprises for the love of your life?  Done!  More champagne?  Done!  And more!!

Days full of amazing beach time, snorkeling trips to reefs, glass bottom boat rides, Hobi catamarans for 2, daytime and nighttime activities and entertainment – all included!

Being adventurous and exploring your destination!  Tours included!  And all because your amazing travel specialist at Riverdale Travel has pre booked tours as part of your honeymoon!  So your days in the sun can stay that way and not have to worry about decisions once you get there on what to do!

Of course, I don’t talk about the return transfer to the airport because you never want to leave!  Ha!  But of course that is taken care of as well.

This is all what a really good travel specialist can do and why you need to trust them to take care of your honeymoon.

It’s your honeymoon, what you want to experience and more…..

Tailor made honeymoons and adventures await you!

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Riverdale Travel


Alex Nepa | Mint DJs

far·ci·cal (ˈfärsək(ə)l/); adjective

  1. of or resembling a farce, especially because of absurd or ridiculous aspects.
  2. 2. “a farcical tangle of events”
synonyms: ridiculous, preposterous, ludicrous, absurd, laughable, risible, nonsensical

If you’re planning your wedding there’s a good chance that you’ve read a blog or magazine article or perhaps even seen a television special warning you not to fall for “the wedding tax”. These pieces place fear in the hearts of couples planning their wedding and educate that wedding vendors are money hungry thieves salivating at the thought of robbing you.

Often times these “wedding tax” stories compare the pricing on services such as a simple party vs. a wedding. In one instance they even called a DJ and asked them to explain why weddings cost more than a simple party, unfortunately the DJ they called couldn’t explain, leaving a black eye on our industry.

Often times we get asked, “We only need some music for four or five hours, why is it so expensive?”

The truth is that a professional wedding entertainer invests a lot of time, money and effort into putting together that four or five hour performance that you see. A professional DJ or entertainment company has a lot of expenses such as payroll, top of the line DJ and audio-visual equipment, insurance, advertising, vehicles & fuel, office lease, taxes and music libraries that have been built over the years (I’ve spent over $25,000 in music)

But more than just the monetary costs of running a business, there’s a lot of blood, sweat and tears that we put into the success of your wedding – and it goes way beyond “just playing some music.”

Before we book a wedding client we like to get to know them. We want to find out what they liked, what they dislike. We ask questions to find out if they’ve been to weddings recently or have seen things that they’ve loved and hated. We really want to qualify the couple to make sure we’re a good match. We’ll also discuss the couple’s venue and any decor enhancements they might be looking to add.

Time: 1 – 2 hours

Follow Up & Contract Prep. After our initial consultation we take the time to follow up, put together detailed proposals and media samples with photo & video specific to that couple’s wedding. This is still part of the “selling” process, but it is detailed time that we put in to your event. And in some cases we won’t book the couple – either because we aren’t a perfect match or because of budgeting.

Time: 30 minutes – 3 hours

Planning Check In’s & Follow Up. Once we book a client we check in several times leading up to the wedding to see how they’re doing and to see if they have any questions about the free online wedding planning tools we provide. While there’s no replacement for an amazing full-time wedding planner, we often work with couples that don’t have dedicated planner and we do our best to bridge that gap.

Time: 2 – 3 hours

Final Planning Meeting. About three weeks before the couple’s wedding day we meet with our clients and review ALL of the details of the wedding reception. If the couple has a timeline we work on that, along with musical themes and details. In a lot of cases couple’s have a rough idea at this point but this meeting serves as a final brainstorming session. While my company does not go into a wedding with a pre-set playlist we do customize every single wedding to reflect the couple’s unique tastes and musical preferences.

Time: 1 – 2 hours

Music Editing & Prep. The week of the wedding we organize, obtain and edit the key music for the big day. We make sure we’ve got all our “must play” songs ready to go and our “do not play” songs and genres clearly marked so they don’t get played.

Time: 2+ hours

Scheduling Systems & Loading Gear. My company is a multi-DJ team, so we’ve got systems in place to make sure the right equipment gets loaded into the correct vehicles and sent to the correct venues. We have a team of staff assistants to help your lead DJ & event host with coordination and logistics. This is the brutal, grueling part of the event that no one sees as professional speakers, lighting and production gear is very heavy and delicate at the same time. We also make sure to have backup plans and equipment prepared and in place

Time: 30 minutes – 1 hour

Getting to our homes and offices to your venue. Sometimes it’s 10 minutes, other times it’s 3 hours or more. And if we’re traveling three hours there we’ll be driving three hours back after the event.

Our company can take on some pretty complex wedding design projects. Even the most simple of wedding setups will take at least an hour. Weddings with extensive lighting design, video slideshows, separate music locations – these can take three hours or longer. We have a team of equipment managers and assistants to ensure timely setup which is another added cost to us.

Time: 1 – 4 hours

This is what the clients and guests see. The flawless show. The packed dance floors. The fun. The magic. This is what steps 1 – 8 have helped us create.

Time: 4 – 8 hours

Tear down, travel home, re-loading and unloading equipment, putting gear back in storage. After we’ve spent the time to setup and performance, we’ve got to tear it down, pack it up and put the gear back in place to do it all over again next week (or in some cases the next day).

Time: 1 – 4 hours

So for a wedding DJ to be a successful professional you’re looking at anywhere from 12 – 32 hours of expertise, passion, customization and yes, playing music at your wedding.  And that’s just the time investment, not including all of the actual monetary costs that our business incurs.

A professional wedding entertainment and DJ company cares passionately about the success of a couple’s wedding and invests this time because it’s the only way for them to continue to thrive as a business. We wouldn’t be able to survive as an industry if we put in half the work, or just showed up and “played some music”. About that wedding tax, it’s a farse.

About the author:

Alex Nepa is from State College, PA and is the founder of Mint DJ Events ( you can follow him on social media @DJAlexNepa


Sioux Falls Wedding Videographer | Cinematographer | Jason R Jonas

Sioux Falls bridal show recap on January 31st, 2016 at the Convention Center, Sioux Empire Wedding Showcase produced by Energy Event Group. Video captured and created by the talented Jason Jonas of JasonRJonas Cinematography.