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After you get engaged and start looking at different dates to get married, some of the first dates you will often rule out are holidays.  While holidays can be filled with too many things to do, it can also be a great time to get married.  It might sound a little crazy, but there are definitely some good things that can come out of holiday weddings.  First of all, when a holiday lands on a Friday or Saturday most people will not be working.  Not only do they not work the holiday itself, but they often take advantage of it being on a weekend and take an extra day or two surrounding that to get some extra time off.  This is great for you, your family, your friends, and anyone involved in your wedding.  It is sometimes hard for people to get time off of work, so why not plan a wedding when everyone already has the time off?  And families usually try to get together around holidays anyway, so why not be the host of an even bigger celebration when you’re already getting together with many of your guests anyway?!  Smaller holidays might seem to make more sense to plan a wedding around, but this doesn’t rule out getting married on Thanksgiving weekend or around Christmas.  If you get married the Saturday after Thanksgiving, it gives your guests the opportunity to still celebrate the holiday on Thursday, go shopping on Friday, and attend your wedding on Saturday!  Since many people travel around Thanksgiving, it’d give them the excuse to either travel to the place you have your wedding, or it would give them enough time to get back to attend your wedding.  Christmas Eve or Christmas day might not be the best time to have a wedding, but shooting for the weekend before or after is a great time for a winter wedding!  Since so many people take vacations during the Christmas season anyway, it’s great for travel, and what better way to spend your down time than to attend a wedding??  Smaller holidays are great weekends to host a wedding as well because not everyone has plans set in stone.  Memorial Day weekend, Labor Day weekend, 4th of July, and New Year’s are great times to get married! Memorial Day, Labor Day and 4th of July are often great weather weekends due to the times of year that they fall, and how much bigger can a party get on New Year’s Eve than at a wedding reception?!  There’s also going to be a good chance that you will get your first choice in ceremony and reception space, along with your first choice in vendors that you want to work with because they won’t be as busy around the holidays.  So, give us a call today at the Sioux Falls Convention Center to book your holiday wedding!

– Jessica Flanigan | Events Manager | 605-367-4164 | Sioux Falls Convention Center

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Photo and Lighting credit to Energy Productions.

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