Wedding Dance Ideas

It is more than likely safe to say that most of the general public has attended numerous wedding receptions in their lifetime.  It is also more than likely safe to say, that these same individuals will also be attending many more wedding receptions in the future.  If you had to make an educated guess as to which part of a wedding reception that most people actually look forward to….what would you guess?  If you went with the entertainment / dance, I would venture to say you are correct!  People like to have fun, and a wedding reception is an excellent and natural time to celebrate with your close friends and family.  Consequently, keeping this in mind is of utmost importance from the beginning of your planning stages.  While the couple is considering venues for their big day, they will want to do several things.  First, visit the venues so they can take a look at the room setup, as well ask questions in regards to the options for entertainment.  Ask about the size of the dance floor, and find out if it is stationary or move-able.  If it is stationary, this could be undesirable if the location does not accommodate the type of room setup you prefer.  Here at the Sioux Falls Convention Center, we can provide very large dance floors for the wedding receptions we host (18×30 or larger).  The floors are parquet wood and are move-able for your convenience.  We enjoy working with our couples on room setups that meet their needs, and the flexibility of our move-able dance floors is a huge asset in providing one-of-a kind reception rooms!  We have had everything from traditional type room sets with the dance floor on one end of the room, to dance floors that are flush with the front of the head table and then jet out (with tables horse-shoeing around), and even dance floors in the dead center of the room.  Our column free spaces and high ceilings at the Sioux Falls Convention Center also allow for endless opportunities with draping material or hanging chandeliers / paper lanterns etc. above the dance floors.   Next, find out about restrictions (if there are any) with type of entertainment.  Ask things like:  Can we provide a live band or DJ? – and – How late can the music be played?  – Can you provide power for my entertainment and is there a charge for that?  It is also of paramount importance to visit with your entertainment vendor to get their requirements (if they have any like tables / staging / etc.) from the venue you book.  It is always better to ask many questions so you are informed, to avoid possible obstacles.  If you are looking for a wedding reception venue that can exceed your expectations/needs to guarantee an enjoyable setup for your wedding dance, please give me a call today!

– Jill Hericks | Sales Manager | 605-367-4156 | Sioux Falls Convention Center

(Sioux Falls Convention Center and Sioux Empire Wedding Showcase will Feature a Bridal Show on October 21st, 2012.)

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