Wedding Reception Venues in Sioux Falls

Wedding receptions are events that typically involve a number of people during the planning process.  This largely due to the fact that wedding receptions are events that mark an important life-changing event, and families like to be involved in these types of events.  If you are the bride and groom, you should then obviously anticipate your parents and possibly even siblings + other extended family members to be interested in “helping” you with planning and making decisions about the wedding reception.  Every couple is different in regards to preference and or tolerance of this and the amount of input / involvement that occurs.  Selecting the actual wedding reception site/venue is one of the first and largest decisions for the couple….and it is normal for the parents of both couples to want to be a part of this decision as it is also the biggest expense of the entire wedding.  Lining up appointments with potential venues can be a difficult task when trying to coordinate the schedules of all parties involved, especially when most venues only offer site tours during regular business hours.  Wouldn’t it be great if a venue would take these things into consideration, and be a little flexible with appointment times?  Well, here at the Sioux Falls Convention Center, we understand and are prepared to make things work for you!  I handle all of the wedding reception bookings here, and am always happy to stay after 5:00 pm since most people work during the day.  I can stay late during the week, and can also come in on a Saturday if that is the only time that would work for you. Taking multiple appointments for site tours is also an option (the couple can come in one day and the parents at another time that is more convenient for them).  The Convention Center has also identified other areas that require special attention when it comes to wedding reception planning and made accommodations for the families to be involved in these aspects after the reception space is booked.  Meetings / appointments can be scheduled for the “planning team” to come in and discuss concepts, plan details, and even taste the food (during one of our exclusive and fun wedding tastings we host each year).  We can even let the couple/family know when we have weddings coming up, so they can stop out and take a peek at the space actually set-up for a wedding!   If you are looking for a wedding reception venue that will go above and beyond to be accommodating during all of the phases of wedding reception planning, to you and your rock star planning team, please give me a call today!

– Jill Hericks | Sales Manager | 605-367-4156 | Sioux Falls Convention Center

(Sioux Falls Convention Center and Sioux Empire Wedding Showcase will Feature a Bridal Show on October 21st, 2012.)

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