Wedding Planning and Food Ideas

Selecting what you want to eat is much more than just scanning a menu and saying:  this looks good, I will have that….or as you are pursuing the isles at the grocery store, scanning the items thinking to yourself….what sounds good?  An individual might make a selection based on all sorts of factors.  Time of year, time of day, what type of mood they are in, price, and the list can go on and on!  The same theories prove true to making menu selections for all kinds of events, large or small.  Wedding receptions most certainly fall into a category that requires serious consideration when making choice for the food and beverage offered.  Not only are you (the couple) making a decision that will impact the overall feel of the event (since one aspects of a wedding reception that a large number of people focus on and remember is the food) but also a decision that will affect your checkbook.  Food and beverage will make up a significant part of the total cost of the reception, so doing your homework and making choices that will achieve all of your goals is important.  Working with a reputable and creative venue / catering team will make the food and beverage selection process fun and smooth!  Some of the areas that our team here at the Convention Center would recommend you take into consideration are:

1)       Budget – try to have a basic idea of an overall budget for the wedding reception, so you can break that down to a per person cost….this will also help you to determine how many guests you can afford to invite.

2)       Time of Year  – certain types of cuisine work better during specific seasons, like soups (well, warm soups that is) are nice to offer to guests during the fall and or winter months…..however you would not be making a wise decision if your wedding date was in the middle of the summer and you served hot soups.

3)       Demographics – think about the categories that the majority of your guests fall into before selecting the menu, to ensure you are appealing to the masses as much as possible.  You don’t want your guests to leave the party hungry, and they might actually ditch out early if they are not able to find something that they like.

4)       Textures + Colors + tastes – a professional venue / catering team will always be sure to address these factors with you during menu selections.  Our Executive Chef here at the Sioux Falls Convention Center is an amazing resource that we are fortunate to have, as he can give expert advice/suggestions when pairing proteins with the appropriate vegetables and starches, as well as beverages (especially wines).  He is also very happy to assist with custom menu suggestions, guiding you down the right path to achieve a menu that will be a winner in appearance, taste, and on your budget!

If you would like to have the assistance of creative and talented catering professionals to ensure an outstanding menu especially for your big day, please give me a call today!

– Jill Hericks | Sales Manager | 605-367-4156 | Sioux Falls Convention Center

(Sioux Falls Convention Center and Sioux Empire Wedding Showcase will Feature a Bridal Show on October 21st, 2012.)

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