Wedding Reception in Sioux Falls, South Dakota

There are evident times in your life, where it is ok… go ahead and splurge. Events of utmost importance in your life would be a good time to splurge, and one of those events might be your wedding reception!  The space for your wedding reception can be transformed into an unforgettable atmosphere, if you want to splurge in a few choice areas regarding the décor.  Here are a couple of ideas for splurging at your wedding reception that are totally worth it!

1)     Entryway – this is an area that is often overlooked…..if you take some time, and find a way to personalize the entrance to your reception it will impact your guests significantly, and not cost you an arm and a leg.  You can literally create an astonishing WOW from the moment your guests enter the room.  A few ideas might include a walkway with tall tree branches, live plants, or rod-iron sculptures with flowers, crystals, twinkling lights, or hanging candles.  Display the escort cards in a unique fashion that tie into your theme (for example if you are going rustic, utilize a chalkboard to welcome the guests with a personalized message from the bride and groom).  Each guest name could be written/typed on cardstock shaped like a flower or other element that might incorporate your overall theme, and attached with a clothespin to a little clothesline (made of twine or ribbon) at the entrance of the room.

2)     Lighting –   want to add exceptional punch and still feel like you are investing your money in an area that is definitely worthwhile….one that you can ensure all of your guests will notice/appreciate?  If your answer is absolutely, then don’t skimp on the reception room lighting.  Up-lighting can complement your theme, and add the ambiance you cannot achieve in any other way.  Here at the Sioux Falls Convention Center, we can provide you with up-lights of any color at a very competitive cost, and our event managers would be happy to assist you with suggestions for placement in our different ballroom spaces to give you the maximum results you crave.

3)     Lounge Area – wouldn’t it be classy to offer your guests a space to give their feet a break and a quick recharge before heading back to the dance floor?  Just add a lounge area to your wedding reception and you will achieve this, as well as giving your event a VIP vibe that guests are sure to detect.  Lounge chairs / couches and a few coffee tables will do the trick.  Add some funky pillows in your wedding color palate / motif and a lovely accent of sparkle with votive candles, and you will be in business.  The area could even have its own special lighting or curtains / drape to section if off from the rest of the room to enhance it further and create an intimacy/exclusiveness that is nothing short of chic.  You can search for local vendors that have such furniture to rent to you, or…if you book your wedding reception with the Sioux Falls Convention Center, we can provide you with our in-house inventory of lounge furniture at no cost to you!

Give me a call today, and it would be my great pleasure to assist you with finding the appropriate area to splurge on for YOUR big day!

– Jill Hericks | Sales Manager | 605-367-4156 | Sioux Falls Convention Center

(Sioux Falls Convention Center and Sioux Empire Wedding Showcase will Feature a Bridal Show on October 21st, 2012.)

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