Wedding Photographers in Sioux Falls, SD

Every woman has their own special beauty and boudoir photography is the perfect way to bring out your best for your special someone.  Boudoir photography has become a popular groom’s gift or Valentine’s Day present from a bride to her groom.  Done in a romantic, tasteful fashion, this style of photography may be as intimate as a girl chooses, from just teasers of implied nudes, to sexy outfits and lingerie or a more vintage pin-up style. There is nothing X-rated, although images are perhaps a bit PG-13.  Photos are skillfully made to bring out the best, conceal the worst, and leave something to the imagination.

Even though delivered as a gift to someone else, boudoir can also be a fun, empowering experience for her as well. It can be an incredible confidence booster when she sees the results showing off her beautiful body, but that capture her personality too. You don’t have to have a flawless body either. Women come in all sizes and shapes, and an experienced boudoir photographer will know how to enhance your best features.

Shalista Photography offers private boudoir sessions at her studio, in your home, or location of your choice. Boudoir Parties are also available for groups. Contact Shalista at or check out her boudoir website at

Wedding Photographers in Sioux Falls, SD

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