Wedding Reception Venues in Sioux Falls, SD

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It is time to start planning the details of your wedding reception!  Sounds like fun…..right?  Well, to many brides who have been considering every little detail since “who knows how long” it will probably be just that….FUN!  However, some brides with more of an indecisive or laid back personality are not always interested in making decisions.  When presented with options, a bride with these personality traits might fret over simple choices…..should I go with this napkin fold or that one?  Everything from coming up with the wedding reception floor plan, selecting linen colors and napkin folds, designing a concept for the feel or style of the reception, choosing centerpieces and flowers, and determining what food and beverage options would work best for their event might all actually be stressful (not even close to fun).  If this sounds like a familiar situation, wouldn’t it be magnificent if you could get advice and ideas from someone who has industry experience, without actually hiring a wedding coordinator?  I have some splendid news for you… is possible if you book your wedding reception at the Sioux Falls Convention Center!  Every wedding reception we book here at the Sioux Falls Convention Center will have a dedicated event manager working with them on every last detail of their event, after the contract is signed.  All of our event managers are professional, experienced, and here to make the planning process and execution of your reception stress free and FUN!  I myself handle all of the wedding contracting, and also have years of experience in events and catering.  Weddings happen to be one of my favorite types of events, so I am always thrilled to take part in the planning process.  We will certainly be happy to give advice on which room setups seem to work best, ideas on emerging trends in the wedding reception industry (one of my personal favorites is modern/edgy napkin folds), and thoughts on unique food and beverage options / pairings that will exceed your expectations.  Our goal is to get to know each bride personally, so we can offer her suggestions for every aspect of her wedding reception.  Transforming one of our Ballrooms into an atmosphere tailored to her preferences will result in a picture-perfect wedding reception that she will always cherish and remember.  For that reason, if you are a bride struggling with the “what to do” thoughts or the “where do I even start” mindset, please give me a call and I would enjoy discussing some possibilities our facility can offer….as well as the latest trends in wedding receptions!

– Jill Hericks | Sales Manager | 605-367-4156 | Sioux Falls Convention Center

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