Wedding Reception Venues in Sioux Falls

Wedding receptions are characteristically events where a meal will be served; as a result a table setting will be required.  Although setting a table is not “rocket science”, it does require knowledge and experience….as well as an eye for design.  Some of the basics that are always important to remember are:

1)       Align silverware one inch from table edge.
2)      As for the order of the flatware, whichever piece is to be used first is placed furthest from the center for correct table setting.
3)      Forks on the left side, spoons and knives with cutting edge facing the plate on the right.

Now for the more fun and interesting part!  The design aspect of the table setting is what can bring your personality or preferences into the guest experience.  Incorporating a unique napkin fold can captivate your guests, and transform the place settings.  Multiple napkin colors are also a fun way to give the place settings / table an edgy look.  An option that I personally adore, is adding a charger plate to your table settings.  A charger plate (also called service plate) is a decorative plate that is larger than the actual dinner plate.  They are used to dress up your dinner table, and have been around since the 19th century.  Charger plates became popular again in the late 1990’s, but are definitely still a lovely way to add some punch to the table.  You can go with a basic charger plate (like a solid color charger), or something with a texture or multi colored charger.  Here at the Sioux Falls Convention Center, we recently purchased some silver charger plates to use for in-house events.  We have enough to cover events with up to 280 guests and are happy to rent them or include them as a part of a package price.  Wedding décor companies can typically offer more of a selection of chargers, and they can be brought in to our venue for your event.  The charger plate adds an overall finished/formal look, and adds sophistication to the table.  My favorite napkin fold (when using a charger) is a knotted fold.  The napkin has one large knot tied in it, and is placed on the edge of the charger plate.  To add a little more refinement, you can add a menu card at each place setting….placing the menu card on the charger.  If you would like to talk about other table setting concepts, please give me a call today and I would be happy to assist you!

– Jill Hericks | Sales Manager | 605-367-4156 | Sioux Falls Convention Center

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