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Selecting a wedding reception venue can be a tedious and sometimes stressful task.  Putting together a plan of attack is unquestionably wise, especially if you want to be as efficient as possible with your time.  I have been working in the event planning industry for 9 years, and here are a couple of suggestions that I believe would help guide you (the couple) to a smooth venue selection process:

1)      Discuss date options – be sure to talk about ALL possibilities as a couple prior to contacting the prospective venues.  You will want to have a target or “preferred date” in mind, as well as any other dates that might suit because sometimes you will run into availability issues and if you are organized on the forefront you will save yourself multiple phone calls / email correspondence.  Sometimes being flexible with your date can benefit you greatly because there are typically certain “soft periods” or “shoulder dates” that venues aggressively try to fill, so you may be able to negotiate a reduced rate or incentive for booking on those particular dates.

2)      Do your research – use all resources available to you to scout possible reception venues.  Often times you can find basic information via the venue website – such as capacities and floor plans with room configurations, photographs from past events, and customer testimonials.  This will save you from contacting venues that obviously would not work due to size or other obvious factors and will also give you a base knowledge so you can apply that information when discussing options with the venue sales manager.

3)      Put together a prospective guest list – expected attendance is of supreme importance because it is typically one of the first questions the venue will ask you when you call to inquire about availability and rates.   It is not necessary to have an exact number, just a general idea.  It is also imperative because some venues have multiple banquet spaces, and you want to be sure you are gathering information relative to a space that suits your needs.

4)      Establish a budget – discuss realistic numbers for all aspects of the reception.  This includes:  food and beverage, décor, and entertainment. I also suggest actually physically writing the numbers out in a binder / notebook, or putting together a spreadsheet of some kind.  This can help to alleviate things being lost in translation when conversations are happening between the couple and their families….it is always nice to ensure everyone is on the same page.

5)      Determine the style of event – think about what you want to achieve with your wedding reception.  Is it a formal feel or is it more important to allow socializing time for your guests with a more laid back feel?  The reason this should be a topic of conversation is because the venue should provide guidance in regards to your food and beverage selections and setup based on what type of atmosphere you are trying to portray to your guests.  For example:  functions with plated meals are definitely perceived as more formal than events that go with buffet style for the meal.

I hope these tips / suggestions are helpful to you as you start your search for the perfect wedding reception venue!

– Jill Hericks | Sales Manager | 605-367-4156 | Sioux Falls Convention Center

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