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Wedding Photographers in Sioux Falls

The Beginning: 

Holly and myself (Walter) met in the summer of 1995. Technically early May. We both had a little thing for each other, but neither of us were going to say anything. Our somewhat Nosey friend Rebecca Hanten (a drummer, of course it’s always the drummers) decided to intervene. We soon started hanging out and by the end of summer we were pretty serious. She went off to Vermillion and I headed to Minneapolis. Through some crazy times we managed to stick it out for two years of a long distance relationship. After moving to Minneapolis, much to her parents dismay, Holly and I moved in together. While finishing school we lived in the “ghetto” apartment on University Ave. We graduated and then graduated to a duplex in Northeast. We purchased our first home and started planning our wedding.

The Planning:

Holly and her mom were very thorough and organized about the whole event. Friends and family were coming from all over the country to be with us for our celebration.  Did I mention the planning, ugh the planning… The wedding was to take place in the courtyard at The Old Courthouse Museum in Sioux Falls on September 15th, 2001.  Needless to say September 11th, 2001 never made it into Holly’s three ring binder of things to deal with the week of the wedding. The wrench had been collectively thrown into the mix. Everyone but my sister had already made their flights to the Midwest. Kevin, my best man, from DC. Eric, my friend and groomsman from Auburn, Alabama. As the chaos built throughout the week Holly kept moving getting everything ready.

The Rehearsal Dinner:

Earlier in the day I had gotten word that my sister had taken a cab from San Jose to San Francisco to Oakland trying to get on any of the flights coming to the Midwest. Finally Chicago. Then they would go from there fly or drive or whatever. To have all of these great friends and family here for our special day during a week where the world was ending, was to say the least, emotional. The laughs we laughed, and the tears we cried, will not soon go away. After a fantastic dinner at Minerva’s, I was able to stumble my way through some sort of speech as the ramifications of everything really hit me. I don’t think we have ever felt so close to everyone. We find out my sister would make it!  A good night’s sleep is in order.

The Wedding:

September weddings are somewhat unpredictable. We awoke to forty degree temperatures and rain. The wedding would have to be moved inside. We had our ceremony on the stairs. With the wedding party coming to meet me on the landing of the stairs. One of the flower girls flowers came floating down from the stairs above me. And then, Holly. Unfreakinbeleivable. Beautiful. We had a short ceremony to a standing room only crowd. After the ceremony we rushed out through the crowd. Perfection. Could not have planned it to be so cool.

The Ever-After

In ten years since then a lot has happened, we’ve moved back to Sioux Falls, bought a great house, and started a studio. Family has been close and friends have been reconnected with. Most of all however, is Ms. Camilla Blu. She smart and funny, sarcastic and beautiful. Always the thing that matters most. We are loving our life! Our clients are awesome, becoming new friends! It has been a whirlwind fo sho.

So on September 15th (yesterday) we flew to Vegas to get remarriagized at the Chapel of the Bells, the one from all the movies on the strip. As you are reading this, hopefully on Friday, we will be renewing our vows, alone. With nothing but a polaroid and a couple of iPhones to document the whole thing. Irony certainly doesn’t slip past us. We will try and post photos from the day’s events on our Facebook page. (


We out.



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