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Weddings are occasions that characteristically involve months of planning.  Within those months of tedious planning, various thoughts/considerations will be made in regards to the wedding reception.   Everything from color palettes, to food and beverage choices, room décor, linens, imagery, smells, room setups, and the list can go on and on and ON!  Through all of my experience in the event planning industry (since 2002), one of the elements that I always like to consider is “what will the guest impression of the room be, the second they step foot into the room?”  Room setup has an immense effect on the guest impression, so it is of utmost importance to discuss how the event will flow from beginning to end, with the facility that you are working with.  As soon as the doors open, your guests will be influenced.  The room can be appealing to the guests by providing a comfortable environment.  Ample space for the guests to move around and find a place to socialize, and later have dinner is one of the obvious considerations.  Lighting can also be a significant factor in determining your guests’ first impression.  The room lighting itself will need to be adjusted to a suitable setting, and incorporating accent lighting is definitely worth the investment (up-lights – most people utilize colored splashes of light to add the desired ambiance to their event).  However, if you want to make a more prominent and unique splash…why not consider adding a custom ice sculpture into the mix?  Ice sculptures are ALWAYS sure to get the guests talking!  They immediately attract the guest eye, and are often viewed as an item that adds sophistication and class to an event.  I personally believe it is due to the fact that carving ice is definitely an art form.  We are so fortunate to have such an amazing Executive Chef (Chef Yancy Erickson) here at the Sioux Falls Convention Center, because he personally carves every one of our ice sculptures onsite.  Ice sculptures typically can range anywhere from $250.00 to $350.00 each….but we are currently running a special promotion especially for wedding receptions.  We are offering a complimentary ice sculpture (one block of ice), design of your choice for wedding receptions booked at the Sioux Falls Convention Center!  If you are interested in giving your guests an incredible first impression as soon as they step foot into your wedding reception, give me a call today!

– Jill Hericks | Sales Manager | 605-367-4156 | Sioux Falls Convention Center


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2 Responses to “Wedding Planning Ideas with a Special Touch”

  1. emily pieper says:

    I was at the wedding for Andrea and Dan shown in the picture. It was fantastic! The food was amazing! The entire ballroom was elegant–loved the ice sculpture and up lighting. The service was quick and the food was hot, even with all those people to serve and another reception down the hall (which we never even knew was going on)?

    Everyone talked about the great venue! Well done!!

  2. Chris Hintz says:

    Dan and Andrea’s celebration was truly awesome! Pinnacle Productions ( was honored to work beside the impeccable staff at the Sioux Falls Convention Center to provide all the room uplighting and music with the special guest John Malone.

    The room was absolutely beautiful and the food was amazing as usual! Whenever we talk with our brides and grooms we always ask where their celebration will be held and we’re always excited to work with the pros at the SFCC.

    Great blog Jill!

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