Wedding Reception Venues in Sioux Falls

Wedding receptions are enjoyable events where families / friends that haven’t seen each other in a while have a chance to catch up.  Consequently, a considerable number of wedding receptions include children in the mix of attendees.  The couple (bride and groom) will need to determine if children will be included as a part of their special day.  Some of the questions that are important to ponder are:

1)      How many children will be attending the event?
2)      What ages are the children?
3)      Will some of the children need high-chairs / booster seats, and if so….does the facility provide them or will we need to bring them in?

Professional wedding reception venues will be prepared to assist you with making accommodations for all of your guests, including the children.  One of the most obvious accommodations is that of the food and beverage (meal) provided.  Wedding receptions typically feature a formal plated meal, buffet, or reception style food/beverage.  Depending on the menu selected, children may or may not be favorable to the food…therefore; if they are served the same meal they may/may not actually eat much of it.  This is often times the most common frustration, as well as the thought of paying for a meal that will not be consumed at all.  Here at the Sioux Falls Convention Center, we always offer wedding receptions the option to purchase children’s meals.  Our children’s meals are offered at a discounted price, and they typically consist of chicken strips, French fries, a fruit cup and a glass of milk.  We are even happy to do a custom children’s meal for you, and some examples of other options we have done in the past are:  grilled cheese, macaroni and cheese, mini corn dogs, or mini pizzas.  If you have a substantial amount of children attending your event and a buffet will be served to your guests, we can also offer a “special children’s buffet” alongside the regular buffet.  As an enhancement to the children’s buffet, we can set it up lower to the ground (children’s level) so they feel a part of the process of “dishing up their plate”…which brings a smile to their faces.  If a plated meal is being served, I typically suggest bringing out the children’s meals first so the parents can assist them in eating and then when the adult meals come out they can be enjoyed….as they are hot.  The Sioux Falls Convention Center’s team is continually looking for ways to make your event more enjoyable for you, and for all of your guests!  Please give me a call today, and it would be my pleasure to discuss these and other ideas to incorporate elements into your wedding reception that are “children friendly”.

– Jill Hericks | Sales Manager | 605-367-4156 | Sioux Falls Convention Center

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