Wedding Reception Venues in Sioux Falls

Research is the search for knowledge.  When you are a consumer, research is typically something that you will gladly spend your time doing before you make a purchase….especially if it is a significant purchase in regards to importance or cost.  You might utilize the internet as your first resource to quickly gather facts, read consumer reviews, and get a general idea of the benefits/features of a desired product or service.  For some purchases/services, the most reliable source of information can be that of “word of mouth”.  At some point, everyone has asked their friends, family, or trusted acquaintances about their thoughts/opinion on something they were interested in purchasing.  Why wouldn’t this rule of thumb also apply to selecting a venue for your wedding reception?  It does and is definitely worth your while to do so, especially for an event of such importance.  Some basic questions that you might want to ask friends who were recently married and hosted a wedding reception are:

1)      What was the booking process (contracting) like?

2)      How would you describe the customer service of the venue staff?

3)      How would you rate the food and beverage?

4)      Did you feel like the planning (event detailing) was organized?

5)      How would you rate the professionalism of the sales/catering team that worked with you?

6)      What were your thoughts on the venue’s ability to adapt to changes?

7)      Did you feel like the venue was flexible / open to things you wanted to do?

8)      How would you rate the knowledge of the staff you worked with?

9)      Were you ultimately satisfied with the overall experience?

10)  Did the venue space meet/exceed your needs/expectations?

Here at the Sioux Falls Convention Center, we are always striving to gain knowledge from our customers.  At the conclusion of your wedding reception, we will send you a survey asking for your opinion (ratings) in several different categories.  We collect and compile this information from all of our events and evaluate the data in order to improve where possible and change things if necessary.  One of my favorite parts of my job is hearing that a couple was referred to us from one of our past wedding receptions, or they heard from a friend or family member who actually attended a wedding reception here, how awesome everything was!  I am proud to know that by word of mouth advertising we are continuing to not only meet the needs of the couples in the Sioux Empire….but also exceed their expectations, and continue to earn their business for such a significant occasion!

– Jill Hericks | Sales Manager | 605-367-4156 | Sioux Falls Convention Center

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