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Wedding receptions are events that clearly evoke emotions.  They conjure up deep feelings, fond memories, and are even a time to reminisce about the past.  Everything that brought the couple and all of their friends and family together on this very day….a day that will be full of excitement.  One element that has been incorporated to most wedding receptions focuses on the importance of cherished memories.  This element is a photo slide-show.  Not every couple wants to include a photo-slide show, however it has been popular for some time and seems to be a component that has continued on and is not going away anytime soon.  I believe it is due to the fact that weddings are an event that essentially links two individual lives, two separate families, into one.  The photo-slide show is an easy way to convey this joining of two paths and is a fun way to break-up the evening…. as long as the slide-show isn’t “too long”.  The guests typically enjoy the history (timeline of photos from baby until present time is how they are typically put together) and it helps guests to get to know both the bride and the groom and their unique stories.  If this is something you definitely want to feature at your wedding reception, you will want to look at the room capabilities when you are scouting wedding reception venues.  It is important to ask (never assume) if the facility can provide the equipment needed to setup and run the slide-show.  Some venues do not have the audio-visual equipment necessary on-site, so you may have to rent it from an outside vendor.  Here at the Sioux Falls Convention Center, we have high-tech audio visual equipment available and we have professional/knowledgeable staff to set it up and run the slide-show for you!   One of the benefits to our ballroom spaces is that with our 25 foot ceilings, we can project your slide-show on to a large screen or on the wall.  There are a couple advantages to this:  1) Size:  the slide-show can be as large as you would like (up to 15×15, which is significantly larger than what most reception venues can offer).  2) Cost:  if you project on to the wall, it can save space in the room because you do not have a screen setup and also….it is at no cost to you! 3)  Visibility:  with the slide-show running on the wall, all of your guests will clearly be able to view it and enjoy!

– Jill Hericks | Sales Manager | 605-367-4156 | Sioux Falls Convention Center

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