Sioux Falls wedding receptions have infinite components.  Some of these components are essential; others are not and can simply be incorporated if preferred by the bride and groom.  An area that normally surfaces as a topic of discussion (during the planning stages) is alcohol.  A majority of wedding receptions incorporate alcoholic beverages into the event, and considering it is a celebration… most guests will partake.  If you would like to include alcohol, the next question is if you will be paying for the drinks or if your guests will basically be on their own (cash bars).  With my experience and the weddings that we host here at the Sioux Falls Convention Center, it is commonly a combination of both.  It is always a nice gesture to offer some sort of alcoholic beverage to your guests at some point during the evening, however it should not be expected.  Before a couple decides how/if they will be offering alcoholic beverages to their guests, budget needs to be a consideration.  Here are a few options that can be considered: hosted bar prior to dinner, serving wine with dinner, or offering keg beer to the guests with all other beverages (liquor drinks) available to them on a cash basis.  If you are going with a “hosted bar” this means that you will be taking care of the drinks for your guests for a specified amount of time.  This is always received really well by the guests because they are able to drink what they prefer at no cost to them….however, it can end up being more expensive than what you are prepared to spend as guests will more than likely drink more than usual.  Let’s face it, people like free things.  It is an option to have an open or “hosted bar” available up until the point it reaches a certain dollar amount (whatever you might have budgeted), however sometimes this doesn’t work out well.  Some of your guests may not have the opportunity for a complimentary cocktail if they wait too long to go to the bar, or if you have several guests who are ordering multiple drinks at one time.  A way to alleviate the risk of this happening is by doing drink tickets.  Drink tickets can also provide assurance that you do not exceed the amount budgeted for alcohol.  Most venues will offer drink tickets at a certain price (which is typically an average cost of all beverages available)…..however, here at the Sioux Falls Convention Center we also offer the option of choosing which drinks are redeemable for the tickets.  Our bartenders will track which drinks your guests are getting, and then we will tally the bars at the end of the evening.  This can be helpful if you have heavy beer drinkers or guests who would rather have a soda because the cost per drink for beer versus liquor drinks is considerably less.  In the end, it is about preferences and budget, there is no right way or wrong way to integrate alcohol.  I would be happy to assist you in assessing your wants/needs and tailor this element into your event in a way that would most beneficial to you!

– Jill Hericks | Sales Manager | 605-367-4156 | Sioux Falls Convention Center

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