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Have you ever been to a wedding reception and you were unable to hear or see a speech, toast, or the bride and groom’s photo slide show presentation?  Hopefully it wasn’t due to the fact that the banquet staff was working (either clearing dishes or breaking down a buffet table or food station).  Unfortunately, a majority of the time…. this is the very reason something like this happens.  It could be something you chalk up to “an unavoidable situation”, but honestly that is just an excuse.  A reliable wedding reception venue will do everything in their power to prevent things such as this from happening, and therefore this will not be an issue.  It is all about experience, follow through, and professionalism.  Yes, the banquet staff does need to work and clear the food and china, nonetheless it is possible to execute these tasks without disrupting the event.  It all starts with the event manager (or catering manager) asking the right questions when they meet with you (the bride and groom) to plan out the event.  The more detailed information that is collected and compiled on the front end, the more information the banquet staff (who are actually working the event) will have to work with.  Granted there will more than likely be minor changes on the evening of the event, however having a detailed outline of the schedule of events is crucial to executing the dinner service and clearing successfully.  Wedding reception venues typically have a banquet supervisor/event manager who is in charge of running the event.  It is the responsibility of this person to be on the floor delegating and directing the staff, as the event is actually happening.  A professionally trained event manager will guarantee that unnecessary disruptions will not occur.  This is an attribute that sets a top-notch facility apart from the mediocre facilities.  As a customer/client, you are not only paying for the actual room you are hosting the event in and the food/beverages provided, but you are also paying for the service and overall experience for yourself and your guests.  This is exactly our philosophy at the Sioux Falls Convention Center.  We will ensure you and your guests to have an enjoyable experience from the moment you step foot into our building.   We host a large number of wedding receptions each year, and have mastered the craft of being virtually undetectable when our banquet team is navigating the room throughout the evening.  One of the ways we can achieve removing food/beverage without disrupting your event is by utilizing carts.  All of our buffet stations/food stations are setup on marble topped rolling carts.  They literally move easily and swiftly without making any noise!  This is something that we implemented for this very reason, and in order to achieve a classy presentation for the food and beverage at the same time.  If you are interested in booking a wedding reception venue that will pay attention to every little detail, ensuring avoidable problems such as these….give me a call or stop by and see me at the Sioux Falls Convention Center today!

– Jill Hericks | Sales Manager | 605-367-4156 | Sioux Falls Convention Center

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