What do you consider essentials for your wedding reception when it comes to the decor?  People might list things such as:  flowers, centerpieces, lighting, or candles.  What about the actual table linens?  The tables will have to be covered, and your guests will need a napkin as most wedding receptions include a meal.  Therefore, table linens and napkins should always be considered an essential part of the décor.  You will want to talk to the wedding reception venue first in order to see what options they offer for linens (if they offer linens) before you put effort into securing an outside vendor to provide them.  You should also ask if the linens are complimentary or if they are an additional cost, and the dimensions of them.  Here at the Sioux Falls Convention Center, we provide a choice of table linens and napkin colors as a part of your package….and there is no additional cost to you.  You can choose white or ivory for the table linens, and one of the twelve colors we offer for your napkins.  I really enjoy working with clients to come up with creative ways to work with our in-house linen selections to achieve their desired look.  A couple of tricks that work wonderfully to add a little style quickly would be going with unique napkin folds or alternating napkin colors.   Incorporate a napkin fold that accents your centerpieces, or other items on the table to get the most out of your napkin.  A couple of ways to do this are:  napkin folds that have a “pocket” for you to place your reception favor or menu card in,  or a napkin fold that hangs off the side of the table (draping down) to add a splash of color as you scan the room.  Alternating napkin colors is an easy and fun twist that is often overlooked.   You can feature a different napkin color at each place setting, or even do alternating napkin colors table by table.  I personally have always liked going with two napkin colors, and alternating them at each place setting.   This will add a little punch to the look of your room, and I really feel like it is something that is not incorporated often enough.  Therefore, when you are considering the décor for your wedding reception don’t overlook the linens and better yet, you might want to actually start with them!

– Jill Hericks | Sales Manager | 605-367-4156 | Sioux Falls Convention Center

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  1. Diana Bair says:

    Nice Post.Unique napkin folds or alternating napkin colors are wonderful ideas.It looks very good and different from others.

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