Klaas and Melissa

A destination Part 1 of ?

When you have a chance to travel internationally you have a lot to think about.  When you travel to get married, lets just say there is some planning involved.

Lets just say we have um, known these two for a while.  In fact Klaas is Holly’s “little” brother.  When he was in college he lived in a bedroom on the second floor of our house in Minneapolis.  Appropriately dubbed “The Sin Bin”.  While knowing him as long as we have has made us wary of his ways, lol, we are delighted at the addition of Melissa and her son Dylan to our fairly tightly knit family.  I would like to point out that because Melissa was marrying into my wife’s family I was obligated to warn her, caution her and beg her, for her own sanity, to rethink it.  To no avail!  Ha!

We are going to post in a series of posts.  We are pretty attached to these images as they are so personal to us. I will hold my crazy rhetoric to a minimum, I swear, no really…fine I may interject a bit. Anyhow here is the first series.

The Bride To Be!

An appropriate message for the day at the swim up bar!

The, um, first dance?
The stunning Melissa.

to be continued…

P.S.     “and like sands through the hourglass so are the days of our lives”



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(The travel arrangements for this trip were flawlessly executed by Christina at Travel Leaders. The fantastic resort we stayed at was Beaches Negril, Jamaica.  Melissa’s beautiful dress was purchased at the French Door.)

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  1. Kristina says:

    I cant wait to see more pictures….. these are amazing and am so glad everything was perfect!

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