Follow the leader.  Simon says.  Most people recognize these two children’s games.  However what if this is the mantra/attitude of the wedding reception venue you select?  Some wedding reception venues take orders, basically as when you go into a restaurant and tell the server what you would like to eat.  As the customer, you communicate what you would like…they make note of it, and prepare accordingly.  Yes, this works theoretically, but wouldn’t it be more beneficial to book an event of such importance at a venue that offers you more?  Unless you are experienced with planning events, you might struggle with putting everything together.  Your wedding is a reflection of you and your relationship; your wedding reception should also be a reflection of both of you.  A wedding reception venue should be able to offer you professional and substantially beneficial guidance through the planning process.  This includes:

1)       Taking the time to get to know you (the bride & groom) and your personality, therefore understanding what you want to achieve overall with the reception.

2)       Advice on how to set things up as with past events the facility should have feedback/experience on what works well.

3)       Providing creative and personalized ideas for food presentation, room setup, centerpieces, table linens, décor, lighting and event agenda/timeline.

4)       Recommendations on appropriate food and beverage to serve (taking budget, demographics, and personal preferences into consideration).

5)       Information/Ideas on new wedding reception trends etc.

If you select the Sioux Falls Convention Center as the site for your wedding reception, you will experience all of the above and more!  We take pride in tailoring our sales and planning process to every unique couple that we have the honor of hosting.  Our company and entire team thrive on staying in front of the competition (other wedding reception venues) in what we offer.  This means we are finding innovative ideas and implementing them almost daily, as our philosophy is out of the box thinking.  Just a couple of the distinctive ideas/items we offer or have implemented for wedding receptions in the past are:  marble top carts and skillets (used to serve food), offering a choice of square and or round tables, lounge furniture, grand entrances including having your limousine “drive-in” to your wedding reception, balloon drops, trendy napkin folds, copper top head-tables, up-lights/spot lights, spandex chair and cocktail covers.  When you select a venue that has an energetic, passionate, and competitive team….you will instantly see the benefit as they will not be simply sitting back “taking orders”, they will be contributing in ways to help make your day perfect!

– Jill Hericks | Sales Manager | 605-367-4156 | Sioux Falls Convention Center

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