A Sioux Falls wedding reception is an event that requires endless consideration.  The bride and groom want everything to be perfect.  The ultimate goal is an evening that is fun and relaxing for everyone.  In order to even get close to achieving this goal, you need to select a professional venue that offers the amenities that will assist you in providing your guests with an experience they will not forget.  An element that is traditionally included as a part of the wedding reception is a bar.  Cocktails can be provided by the bride/groom for a portion of the event, or for the entire duration of the event.  However, most wedding receptions will also provide their guests with the option to purchase a cocktail on their own.  Having a cash bar in the room gives your guests a chance to purchase a drink of their liking (in case they do not prefer the options you provide – as sometimes the bride/groom will have wine with dinner, or purchase kegs), or the opportunity to purchase a cocktail if you are not providing alcoholic drinks of any kind.  Now, this is the part that can be tricky.  Most couples consider that some of their guests will definitely want to have a drink at some point during the evening and they will be proactive and ask the venue about having a liquor license / the ability to provide their guests with the beverages – – however, most couples do not ask the facility about what forms of payment are accepted at the bars.  In the past, this would have probably not been such a factor, but in this day and age a majority of people do not always carry cash.  Therefore, if the “cash bars” setup in your wedding reception can only accept cash as a form of payment….you might have some irritated guests.  If this is the case, hopefully there is a cash machine nearby (inside the facility)….but what if there isn’t one?  Wouldn’t it be nice to not have to worry about this?  Well, at the Sioux Falls Convention Center….we can provide you with peace of mind!  All of our cash bars accept debit and or credit cards for every one of our events!  You and your guests will not have to worry about being inconvenienced or missing out on a part of the evening because you are running around trying to find an ATM so you can purchase a cocktail.  This is just one of the amenities that we at the Sioux Falls Convention Center offer to enhance your guest experience, and ensure a relaxing and enjoyable evening for all!

– Jill Hericks | Sales Manager | 605-367-4156 | Sioux Falls Convention Center

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