Studio blu has a new website starting last night February 24th at exactly 5:57 p.m.  Check it out at  So as a shameless act of self promotion, this is an about us that did not make it to the final site…sorry no pics in this post, we want the site to do that for us.

Who is studio blu?  Are they a masked duo of caped crusaders?  Are they gourmet chefs to the stars in Hollywood?  Well frankly we are neither of these.  Mere mortals by almost all standards we explode off the charts when it comes to utter coolness in photographic circles.  jk

Are there even “photographic circles”?  IDK.

We are parents of the most amazing, bar none, Blu.  Not the studio but the girl… Camilla Blu.  In attempt to leverage her kick ass name into photographic genius we branded studioblu in 2005.  We are riding her pure amazinessity into photographic infamy!

Seriously though, our goal is to create unforgettable images for you.  If we need to build something, paint something, climb something or break something to take the photo that you’ve dreamed of, we will do it! Walter however will no longer go to jail for artwork…(so trespassing for a photo is out) lol!  We want the end product to make you, as well as us, giddy.  We want the process of getting there to be a fantastic voyage as well.  We conspire to have a blast on every photo shoot that we partake in.  Both for you (the client) and us(the, um, not client).

Walter is like the circus bear that is cuddly and sarcastic.  Holly is the edgy fashioniesta with just a hint of punk rock girl.  We are inspired by painters and graffiti artist, tattooists and musicians, Architects and metalworkers.  We are into good vegetarian food, artists, modern design and music.  Holly listens to altnation on xm and anything pop on the radio.  Whilst Walter listens to Public radio and rock’n’roll!

If studio blu were a sandwich, we would be two completely different sandwiches.  Though a better comparison might be Mac and cheese.  Holly is the cheese and Walter is the macaroni…(shameful Beastie Boys reference).

Anyways glad you have stopped, check out the work and give us a holla if you want to meet up sometime and discuss your project.

thank you, thank you, thank you


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