Sioux Empire Wedding Network would like to welcome our NEWEST Featured Sponsor, Sioux Falls Wedding Photographer | Shannon Dyce Photography.

Shannon Dyce Photography believes that your wedding day is one of the most sacred events of your life.  There will be moments of joy, laughter, and maybe some tears that reflect the relationships you have with family and friends.  It is our goal to capture each of these moments as they occur.  The moments of this day are fleeting: a hug between a mother and son; a stolen kiss; sisters and friends enjoying a few moments together before they walk down the aisle, to name a few.  Those moments left uncaptured are soon forgotten.  Shannon Dyce Photography is honored to assist in creating memories that will last for eternity.  Shannon Dyce Photography is a local, national and international photography studio that enjoys taking portrait photographs and specializes in wedding photography.  We have a passion for capturing people, places and details in a unique, interesting and artistic way.  Our photos speak for themselves…let us tell your story.

Contact Shannon Dyce Photography today for a consultation at 605.261.2867.

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