2010 was a year of bold colors, accessories that popped and small details that made a big statement.  I don’t see a huge change as we begin 2011.  The rich fall colors are always popular, and we are even seeing them pulled into spring and summer weddings.  Green was a HOT color in 2010, whether it was apple, olive or kelly — green made it’s way onto the wedding scene with style in Sioux Falls.

This year I’m predicting more soft vintage-inspired pastels- turquoise, lavender, peach, yellow and aqua are just a few I’ve seen making their way onto the wedding scene.  Whichever direction you choose with your colors, be true to who you are and what you like, and don’t be afraid to mix and match several colors to add depth and texture.  Your photographer will thank you.  🙂

– Kelli Hunt | 605-275-4400 | Kelli Hunt Photography

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