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Sioux Falls Wedding Photographer | Studio Blu Photography is hangin’ with the movie stars at Sundance Film Festival this week, so in honor of our trip, we are going to do a top five wedding movies post.  Grab the remote, some popcorn, a large glass of coke, and your wedding planning notebook.  Holly and Walter’s picks: Without further delay…

5.  Four Weddings and a Funeral – This movie is both humorous and dramatic.  With both Hugh Grant and Andie MacDowell you are sure to enjoy this romantic gem.  We love it in that Eurocentric humor kind of way.

4.  My Big Fat Greek Wedding – With all of the quirkiness of Holly’s Dutch family and the stubborn craziness of Walter’s, this comedy will have you taking stock of how crazy your own family is or isn’t.  We love this movie because we can relate!

3.  The Wedding Singer – Holly loves the 80’s so this one is a hit with her from the start, but Walter’s tiny little crush on Drew Barrymore and his tendencies for singing bad cover songs make this one a top five pick.  While Adam Sandler isn’t exactly our favorite actor, we do find him endearing in this role.  Plus how can you go wrong with any movie with a guest spot from Billy Idol!

2.  The Wedding Crashers – Okay so just the premise of this movie is so overboard that we have to love it.  The ups and downs and the pulling of our tormented little heartstrings.  What are we to do?  They’ve made a movie that makes you love two characters so worth loathing.  In the end the humor is so classic we just can’t say no.

1.  The Father of the Bride – Okay so it’s obvious! Steve Martin in one of his best roles ever!  This sappy romance sucks Holly in every time TBS has it on.  This is her family, minus her naughty younger brother.  She can see her dad in Steve Martin’s character and frankly so can we all.  Walter pretends that he is annoyed that she has been sucked in, but frankly he loves it too.  Everything that goes wrong is somehow righted in the end.  The ridiculous chain of events, keeps us laughing and crying.  And usually when it’s over you get sucked into the sequel which immediately follows.


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