So you want some amazing rooftop shots and mom wants to make sure to get a shot with your cousin Bryce and his seven kids… “because the last photo of all you kids was at the family reunion Jackson Hole twenty years ago”.  (I think I’m channeling my own mother here)!  As always we recommend you walk gingerly along this fine line… Don’t be afraid to be firm with your parents and also discuss your expectations thoroughly with your wedding photographer.

A good photographer will know the right questions to ask, especially on the wedding day.  They will make accommodations for all of her/your last minute ideas.  Tempering your desire for fresh and fun with her old school ideas of what a wedding photo should look like.  They should be able to explain to you how they can make time for both. Also this should really help them direct you to the right amount of coverage for your day.  Studio (A) may offer a nine hour package that allows this all to be done while a Studio (B) with a team of two awesome photographers (hint,hint) may accomplish the same amount of photos, poses and locations in 5-7 hours.  Does more time equal more quality photos or does it equal more time?

You want things to go smoothly on your wedding day.  Find someone who can accomplish all of what you are looking for in the desired time frame.


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