“Clicking” with your wedding photographer is a necessary part of creating beautiful pictures.  As your wedding photographer, we spend a lot of time with you on your wedding day, if not the most time with you on your wedding day than anyone else!

To capture the best images, it is important that both you & your significant other feel comfortable & relaxed in front of our cameras.  Scheduling an engagement session is the BEST way to get to know your photographer!  This session allows the two of you to calm any camera jitters or anxieties of being photographed.  It’s probably not every day that you have a camera following you around taking pictures of your every move.

Through our engagement sessions, we are able to spend a couple hours getting to know you as a couple, what your interests are, your personalities, hobbies, your “good” side, etc.  Imagine going into your wedding day never working with your photographer and basically having a stranger follow you around taking pictures of you.  Kind of awkward, therefore, make sure your wedding photography package includes an e-session!

Now that we have that figured out…planning your E-session is a whole other process!  I’m sure at this point every family, friend, magazine, and Internet article you’ve read regarding ‘wedding planning’ has said to “make your wedding uniquely you”, well why not make your E-session the same exact way?  Utilize this fun session with us to its fullest!  While the traditional posed shot of a couple, standing next to a tree, holding each other, and smiling at the camera is always cute (and necessary for that newspaper announcement & grandma) why  not think outside the box and make your engagement session THEMED!

The more your session is about the two of you, the more relaxed and fun it’ll be.  Those smiles will be real and your camera shyness will dwindle.  So, what should YOUR theme be?

We love to suggest themes that include your interests, hobbies, activities, a special location that means something to the two of you, etc.  A Themed session can range from a simple prop: a Balloon, a Bicycle, a Blanket to an elaborate idea that includes: a particular location, costumes/outfits, multiple props, hair & makeup, etc. Whatever it may be, the most important thing is to have fun and be yourselves!

Our themed sessions create the best relationships with our clients. We are able to take mental note of what makes you smile, what makes you relax, what your personalities are like and most importantly in the end…create beautiful wedding images on your wedding day!  Themed engagement photos also make cute Save-the-Dates, invitation ideas, guest book pictures, wedding themes, etc.

To all you newly engaged couples out there….Congratulations, Enjoy Engagement Life, Have fun Wedding Planning & Give us a call!  Jeff Sampson Photography will help you create a unique e-session for the two of you!  : )

– Jeff and Valerie Sampson | 605-610-8577 | Jeff Sampson Photography

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