Winter can be a beautiful time of the year to host a wedding reception, and it is often overlooked as an option for dates.  The sparkling snow covered trees, buildings, and grounds can make for stunningly unique pictures.  If you have a large family and or large circle of friends that you would like to attend your special day, planning it around the holidays can often be a great way to see an increased attendance as many people plan to take time off from work already.  The ability to work with unique décor to create a “winter wonderland” for your reception can be invigorating for you, and attention-grabbing for your guests.  Incorporating a dramatic amount of candles/candle light to the room adds immediate warmth and an inviting glow.  Sparkling crystal chandeliers, shiny or iridescent draperies, white twinkling/dangling lights, and frosted branches are just a few items that can easily add elegance and undeniably reinforce the season/theme.  On the other hand, many venues already decorate for the holiday season.  This can be beneficial because sometimes you can get away with spending a little less on décor for the room (and saving yourself money to spend in other areas).  If you are embracing of the holiday colors, items such as these can add a vibrant pop to the room:  red/white poinsettias,   pine/greenery branches, bright red cranberries in decorative bowls/vases.  Even when planning the food for your winter reception, you can feature some distinctive and fun items that tie in the theme.  Some ideas include: a warm pumpkin or squash soup, eggnog, hot chocolate varieties (alcoholic and non-alcoholic) and festive holiday cookies/desserts.  To keep the holiday theme going, an ornament at each place setting could be the perfect favor for your guests.  Putting together a wedding reception in the winter months can unexpectedly be just the revitalizing experience you are looking for if you are open to rolling the dice for cooperating weather patterns.

– Jill Hericks | Sales Manager | 605-367-4156 | Sioux Falls Convention Center

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