So, you’ve recently been engaged…and you don’t know where to start.  I would say that your first thing you should do is call Sioux Falls Wedding Photographer | Studio Blu Photography and book your day, but I would be a fool to suggest that you not call your mom first.

Picking a date…

What time of year do you want to dive into wedded bliss?

Spring colors …

or fall cool air?

Or summer vacation for all the relatives and their kiddos?

We recommend initially picking a few days that might work so that when you go to venues and vendors you have a little flexibility to get the things you want. If you want to pick a memorable date like 9-10-11 or if you want to have it on a holiday, plan as far ahead as possible. These dates are at a premium and often fill up a year or more in advance.

Who and where…

Next step, find your venues and vendors. Allow time to meet the event coordinators,



and photographers?

The other Who…

Who are you going to invite?

Is it going to be small intimate and quiet?

Or standing room only?

Whose gonna be in the wedding?!

This will, to some extent, be dictated by the venue. Usually we would recommend the two of you and your parents each make list of who you want to come. Then merge the lists. Chances are that at this point you will see that you have entirely too many guests and you may have to weed out great aunt Mabel from Toledo. Consider sending just announcements to guests that you do not think will be able to come. This will save you time/money and reduce the risk of them actually coming and blowing your 330 person maximum seating capacity!





and Details.

We’ve all seen “Say Yes to the Dress!” on TLC, so you kinda know what is up there. What about the rings and the details though? The obvious thing is to look around online through real wedding examples like the ones on this site. Looking at ring styles and décor styles.  Pick a general color and style theme and start collecting links to items you like online or create a book to put photos and articles in.

We would recommend dealing directly with a wedding planning service and have them help you. They bring details together so well and really take the stress off of you and your mom (especially your mom) on your wedding day.  It’s somewhat of a splurge, but well worth it!

Relax, Celebrate, Enjoy!

When the day comes one of your details may not go as well as planned. In the end let the miner mishaps roll right of your shoulders because after all, This is the best day of your life! Until the two of you start multiplying that is!


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