Can I get a wassup for some smoking hot Sioux Falls Brides?!


How much fun did we have with the two of you?  Adam was alright, but you looked


Julie with East Coast style, fashion forward you two were awesome!

Ms. Valval.  Stunning beauty that will keep her kindergarten class crushing til high school!

Ashtyn with class, strength, style and elegance way beyond her years.

With so many great Sioux Falls brides in 2010 we were so fortunate.  So many of you let us chill with you.  We were able to see style, beauty, grace and more!  All while making so many great new friends.  Seriously each one of you let us climb inside your life on such cool days.  We get to sneak in and observe so many intimate details.  The two of us are so thankful to have met all of you.


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