Wedding receptions are often a time when family members gather, as it is a significant event in a loved one’s life.  When couples are putting together their guest list, they often need to discuss if children will be included as a part of their big day.  It is totally up to the couple and their personal preference if kids will or will not be a part of the event.  Cost is sometimes a legitimate concern in regards to the meals for the children.  Young children will definitely not eat as much as the adults in regards to portion size, nor do they usually prefer the meal that is being served at the wedding reception.  Most facilities will offer some sort of kid’s meal option.  If you do not see this in the actual printed menus, it is still a possibility…just ask your contact at the facility.  There are several advantages to doing a special kids meal, obviously starting with a reduced cost for these meals.  Plated meals are usually the most popular choice for kid’s meals.  If the group will also be served a plated meal for the wedding reception, it is sometimes a wise decision to ask the facility to serve the children’s meals first.  This will be beneficial for a couple of reasons.  First, small children usually get irritated and do not have much patience when they are hungry and second; the parents are able to help the small children eat before their food comes out….therefore saving them from eating a cold meal.  A few popular choices for plated kid’s meals are:  chicken strips with french fries and a fruit cup, grilled cheese, mini slider burgers and fries, mini pizzas, or corn dogs and macaroni and cheese.  If you are serving a buffet for your wedding reception, you can still do a plated kid’s meal; however you also have a couple of other options.  You can always ask if there is a possibility for a reduced cost for kids 10 and under for the buffet selected, because small children will not eat as large of portions as adults.  Here at the Sioux Falls Convention Center, we also offer a unique option if you have a large number of children attending your reception.  We can put together a custom kid’s buffet!  Not only can we feature kid friendly choices on the buffet, but we can also set it up at a lower level so the kid’s can actually see for themselves what their choices are for dinner.  This makes the children feel more included and independent.  We can also setup a special area for the kids to do activities like coloring, puzzles, play dough, or even to watch TV/DVD’s during the later part of the evening….in order to keep them entertained.  Every wedding reception is different, and we are here to help with suggestions/ideas to assist in putting together an enjoyable evening for all of your guests!

– Jill Hericks | Sales Manager | 605-367-4156 | Sioux Falls Convention Center

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