Whether it’s your wedding ceremony or your wedding reception venue, if you want great photos you are going to need good light.  Venues with lots of windows or west facing windows give us tons of options to work with.  North facing windows are great for summer views.  Some wedding reception venues to check out that are cool are…

CJ Callaway’s, their huge bank of windows gives great light in the evenings, especially during the summertime.  The patio is a great escape during the dances too!  Their event coordinator Tina always has great ideas and input too.

The Museum of Visual Materials has amazing evening light and tons interest for backdrop!  The character of this building makes it one of the best in town!

The Washington Pavilion has some amazing window lights throughout the building.  This gives us tons of opportunity for amazing shots.

Outdoor wedding reception venues are also pretty cool!  The thing to be careful of is high in the sky summer sun.  Look for shade or shoot for evening weddings for best results in outdoor weddings. Or just pray for a cloudy day!

A cool outdoor spot…

Mckennan Park, in the heart of Sioux Falls, they have two great potential locations.  The sunken garden is cool.  We feel like spies when we photograph here.  We get to creep around the outside of the wedding in the bushes.  It’s a great place to capture every angle.  Also the newly built arbor is a super cool backdrop for a more traditional alter feel.

There are tons of great ideas that I can’t even get to here, but be creative.  Thinking outside of the box makes for super interesting photographs.  Think barns, warehouses, alleys or rooftops.  Nothing is off limits from our photographic perspective…lol.

Good luck!

– Walter + Holly | 605.275.0337 | www.StudioBluPhotography.com

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