Décor for a wedding reception is an immeasurable component of the event.     The atmosphere you create can determine the vibe for the duration of the evening.  Before a couple starts brainstorming about décor ideas, it is always most efficient to start with asking yourself a few questions:  1) what is our budget for décor and 2) does the facility have any items that we can utilize complimentary?  Often times a venue will have an option for a standard centerpiece that you can opt to use complimentary.  This is a great asset and value to you, as it is easy for costs to add up quickly when putting together a wedding.   At the Sioux Falls Convention Center, we always offer our standard centerpiece complimentary.   The standard centerpiece is comprised of:  a round mirror tile, a hurricane globe, a white tapered candle, and three (3) votive candles.  It has been a popular trend for our wedding receptions to utilize our standard centerpieces at every other table in the room, basically alternating our centerpiece with something they would bring in….like a floral arrangement.  This adds variety and dimension (as the florals used are typically taller than the hurricanes) and also saves you a significant amount of money.  We can also offer a few other versatile items that can be included as décor for your reception, complimentary:   Eiffel tower vases, over-sized goblets, and votive candles.  The Eiffel tower vases have always been a timeless item, because they are sleek however still offer height, and can be incorporated into almost any décor.  The votive candles are a sophisticated and simple way to add a glimmer to your reception, and at the Sioux Falls Convention Center we will provide as many of them as you like….for the best price you could ask for, FREE!   Votives can beautifully accent a head table, guest-book table, dessert display, cake table, bars and cocktail tables, or the actual table centerpieces.  I personally think a room full of candle-light “glow” is truly elegant and inviting….especially for a wedding reception.   There will always be new ideas and items that can be incorporated into wedding reception décor; however the sheer elegance of actual candle-light will never be completely achieved in any other manner.

– Jill Hericks | Sales Manager | 605-367-4156 | Sioux Falls Convention Center

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