Sioux Falls weddings are reason to celebrate!  Celebrating one of the most important and sought after things in life….finding love.  One of the largest components of nearly all weddings is the wedding reception portion of the day.  It is a chance to have all of your closest family and friends together to join you in the celebration, making priceless memories with you.  When a couple is considering how they would like the wedding reception to unfold, they should always think about the guests that will be attending the event.  The dynamics of the majority of their guests is important, as decisions about what will be offered for food as well as the beverages will play a role in the entire guest experience.    Most wedding receptions have alcohol available to their guests in one fashion or another.   Your reception venue usually provides the alcoholic beverages for the event; however some establishments are able to allow certain beverages to be brought into the facility for a corkage fee.  Be sure to ask questions and also ask for suggestions regarding the alcoholic beverages, because venues can vary as to procedures and costs.  The term “hosted beverage” refers to the couple providing their guests with complimentary drinks.  Depending on what your budget allows, and the type of environment you are trying to create for your event, you have many options for the alcohol.  Some couples like to do a “cocktail hour” prior to the actual meal.  With the cocktail hour, you can specify if you would like to provide complimentary drinks across the board (all liquor drinks, beer, and wine) or you can specify that you would like to take care of the wine and beer drinks only…and if the guests would like liquor drinks they would need to pay for them on a cash basis.  Another option, and way to help control costs, is to provide each guest with a drink ticket.  This is a great way to show your guests you appreciate them joining you for the occasion and want to buy them a drink, at the same time keep your costs under control.  Other ideas are:  serving wine with dinner, doing a champagne toast (one glass of champagne per guest), or purchasing a few kegs of beer.  If you do not want to “host” any of the alcoholic beverages, you can also opt for a straight “cash bar”.  This allows your guests the option to purchase a cocktail if they would like one.  Be sure to ask the facility if there is a bartender fee for the cash bar, or a minimum cash bar sales requirement.  Always remember, it is your big day… you should tailor the event to you and your group as you see best!

– Jill Hericks | Sales Manager | 605-367-4156 | Sioux Falls Convention Center

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