Food is something we literally can’t live without, and for a wedding reception it is a significant factor….possibly determining the vibe of your entire affair.   There are endless possibilities, which can often lead to unnecessary stress and confusion if you are not familiar with your options.  Some venues do not provide on-site catering, and others only provide limited food and beverage options.  Therefore, you will definitely want to discuss what you are expecting for the food portion of your event before signing a contract to secure a venue.   Working with a venue such as the Sioux Falls Convention Center, that provides professional and full onsite-catering is distinct advantage for the following reasons:
1) Since the food is prepared on-site, it is fresher and warmer for your guests
2) Higher-quality food products
3) Refined food presentation(s)
4) If you require additional food/beverage night of event, the venue will be prepared and the response time will be quicker than if you were working with an outside catering company.

One of the first considerations regarding the food for your reception should be your budget.  Most wedding receptions occur in the evening hours; therefore your guests will be anticipating a meal versus appetizers.  I am often times asked the question “What do most people do?” in regards to selecting a plated meal or a buffet.   The most economical choice for a dinner would be a plated meal of some sort, typically a chicken entrée….so many couples take this route.  A common miss-conception is that buffet meals are less expensive, however due to the fact that with plated meals the portion size can be controlled, this is not accurate.   Plated meals definitely exude a more formal feeling, as your guests are all seated and served whereas a buffet is a more social/laid back environment.  A new trend is the idea of doing “action stations” throughout the room.  I myself am a big fan of this idea as it is very “non-traditional” and fun.  Action stations are a great way for your guests to interact with each other, and with the station attendant or chef.  Some examples of popular specialty stations we offer at the Sioux Falls Convention Center are:   Classic Caesar Salad, Pasta Extravaganza, Buffalo Slider Burgers, French-Style Crepes, and Southwestern Quesadillas.  We are also always happy to work with you to create a custom menu to suit your tastes and budget, if you do not find something in our menus that appeals to you….which makes planning your event an enjoyable experience!

– Jill Hericks | Sales Manager | 605-367-4156 | Sioux Falls Convention Center

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