Enhancing the guest experience can be a meticulous task, but it can also be enjoyable if you like to be creative.  There are endless possibilities for room décor; however another clever way to make a statement is by simply changing up the table settings.

Centerpieces are an obvious way to attract attention to the table, but you can also go with a unique napkin fold, flashy charger plates, and elegant menu cards to achieve the same result.   If you really think about it, your guests will spend one of the most important parts of the evening (their meal) at the table.   I personally really like to see modern and very non-traditional folds at wedding receptions.  One of my favorite napkin folds actually provides a sleek “pocket” for a menu card.   This fold is not only elegant but also very functional!   Providing your guest with a menu card definitely shows attention to detail, and portrays a more formal event.  The menu card also informs your guests by providing a description of the meal they are about to enjoy.   A reputable reception venue will supply you with a professional and experienced event manager who can provide you with guidance as to potential napkin folds that would suit the style of reception you are putting together.  Another modern and elegant fold is a simple rectangle fold that can drape over the edge of the table.   This fold adds a beautiful splash of color to the table in a unique way, and works well when utilizing charger plates as well.   Don’t forget about napkin color(s)….it is also extremely important and definitely enriches the table.   A cutting-edge idea is to go with alternating napkin colors and or napkin folds.   This change in color/shape will add dimension and grab the attention of your guests immediately.  You can go every other one at each table, or you can do each table differently.   Most venues provide options for napkin colors, however if the facility does not offer the color you want be sure to ask them if it is ok to use an outside vendor to provide the napkin of your choice.   Here at the Sioux Falls Convention Center, we offer an array of napkin colors and choice of white or ivory table linens complimentary for your reception….and we are very happy to assist you in finding other napkin color options upon request.

– Jill Hericks | Sales Manager | 605-367-4156 | Sioux Falls Convention Center

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