When you first start interviewing Disc Jockeys for your wedding reception, they will most likely focus the conversation on either “Gear and Hours” or “Entertainment Value and Atmosphere”.   Be WARY of the “Gear and Hours*” DJs! Although logistics and quality gear are important, many of these DJs try to cover up their lack of experience and/or entertainment ability by hiding behind a wall of speaker and lights.

I’ve seen DJs bring 8 huge speaker cabinets into a facility that barely fits 150 guests.  This can make for an uncomfortable and cramped wedding reception and not to mention the DJ system sticks out like a “sore thumb”.   I have also seen DJs bring in large steel truss systems with fixture after fixture of various lighting effects.   This would be suitable for a “Rave” . . . for a wedding reception however; you will most likely wind up giving the guests a headache.

Don’t get me wrong, I love audio and lighting gear!  I also know that you don’t use a sledge-hammer when the job calls for a tack-hammer.

Many modern wedding receptions require the DJ to handle many roles, including MC, Host, and even Event Coordinator.  Therefore the DJ will need to be well versed in reception timetables and activities.   Additionally, the DJ should have an outgoing personality and an accomplished microphone presence.  The ideal wedding DJ will engage and interact with you and your guests and will help create the atmosphere that you and your fiancé have requested.

In summary, the gear is cool! The DJ Talent is CRITICAL!!!

*I will be writing my next blog to cover the “Hours” portion. Stay Tuned!

– Tyson Rupp | 605-376-5170 | Sioux Falls DJ | Energy Productions

(Photo provided by Studio Blu Photography which features a Sioux Falls Wedding Reception dance and the Entertainment was provided by Sioux Falls DJ | Energy Productions)

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