Up Lighting, Sioux Falls DJ, Energy Productions, Sioux Falls Wedding DJ. Up Lights Up-lighting is taking the Sioux Falls Wedding Reception World by storm!  If you have ever seen this effect, you are immediately aware of the impact it has on the mood and ambience of the room.  Up lighting can be used to compliment the reception room’s architectural characteristics and/or to incorporate the wedding colors to add that personalized touch.  Popular options include lighting the head-table backdrop, lighting white draping, lighting a single wall, or lighting the entire room.  You can take any reception venue and transform the venue into a fantasy experience you and your guests will never forget.

As with the other lighting options, this task is best suited for an experience Lighting Designer; have them help you create your dream wedding reception.  Make sure to see pictures (ideally in the venue you have reserved) of previous events before contracting this service through a vendor.  Just because someone bought some fancy lights, does NOT mean they have the experience and know-how to design and execute an elegant up-lighting event.  Make sure your Lighting Designer is using LED up lights.  If they are using the “OLD” par cans for up lighting that uses bulbs, stay away!  These are very, very “HOT” and could burn little ones that like to play with the lights since they are on the ground.  Case and point, wedding reception couple of weeks ago wanted to save money, so they went with somebody that uses the “OLD, HOT” par cans.  Big mistake, little kids kept burning their hands, mother of the bride leaned over the head table to talk with her daughter (bride) and they smelled something burning.  Come to find out the burning smell was the mother of the bride’s dress singeing at the bottom because the dress was touching the up light.  Later that evening we were all lined up to do an activity and with everybody’s attention somebody said, “What’s the burning smell?”  This time it was the head table and it was covered in a plastic table cloth and the table cloth was being melted by the “OLD, HOT” up lights under the table.  Point is make sure you hire a professional Lighting Designer to make sure it is done right so you and your guests have the right experience that you dreamed!  May cost a little more, but memories of your big day are “PRICELESS!”

That being said, up lighting is nothing short of “Magical” when combined with pin spotting, dance floor washes and monograms.  However, if the budget is getting tight and you can only afford one lighting design choice, up lighting is the right choice!

Pictures, Up Lighting and Flowers are provided by Energy Productions, Studio Blu Photography and the Flower Mill.

Jason Yoshino and Tyson Rupp, Sioux Falls DJ | Energy Productions

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