This may be the “best kept secret” in the wedding business, of course not on purpose. It is usually not the first thing that couples think of when planning their reception, and some are completely unaware of the option. “Pin spotting” put simply, is setting up discreet lights which specifically target visual attractions in the reception room. These may include table centerpieces, ice sculptures, artwork and don’t forget the WEDDING CAKE!

To truly appreciate the effects of pin spotting, we have included “before and after” photos. We have a number of great examples that show just how important it is (if you are having trouble finding any, contact Energy Productions and we can email you some). It is unbelievable how a few extra lights can transform your room from “pretty” to… “GORGEOUS!!”

To sum it up, if you are going to spend the money on great decorations for the room, spend a little more to show them off! Energy Productions continues to bring the elements of platinum weddings to the Sioux Empire.

– Tyson Rupp (Wedding Events Director / MC / DJ)

(Centerpiece provided by Flower Mill, Pin Spotting by Energy Productions, Photo by Studio Blu Photography)

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