Studio Blu Photography, Sioux Falls Wedding Photographer, South Dakota Photographer, Sioux Falls Weddings Your wedding photographer will be an integral part of the wedding day.  There are two aspects of this to understand and think about when choosing whom to use.

The first part is that the photographer is more than likely the person that you will spend the most time with other than your new spouse that day. This means that your personality and theirs must mesh well. Your relationship with the photographer can really set the tone for your day. Anybody can pick up a camera, but not just anyone can keep you happy and smiling throughout the process.

The other and more obvious part about the wedding photographer is their style and skill. What do they bring to the table for you? How many photographers will you have that day? What is their style and does that fit with your expectations? How does the end product look?  What kind of relationship can you build with this person?

In the end choosing your photographer is one of the hardest and largest decisions to make and should find its place at the top of your priorities during the planning process.

Walter Portz
Studio Blu Photography

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